To make knowledge productive, we must learn to see both the forest and the individual tree. We will have to learn to connect.

About us

Information is like leaves in the forest. Sorting, classifying, linking and sharing is challenging. Putting the big picture together from all the individual pieces of information. We have always been curious and wanted to understand what makes the world tick and are constantly looking for ways to convey this complexity. With the KontextMaps we have found a way that works very well.

Everything is connected to everything else and only an overview shows how. And only details create a real, deep understanding. This is exactly where KontextMaps play to their strengths. And since there was no system for seeing and understanding the forest and the trees, we built it ourselves.

2014 marked the beginning of an exciting journey where we developed much more than a new format for digital publishing of big issues. In 2015 we founded Kontextlab GmbH and since 2016 we have been publishing Der Kontext. We developed the work process as well as the KontextMaps web publishing tool.

In the beginning, it took quite a while until a topic could be structured, filled with content and published. In the meantime, things are moving at breakneck speed. We are constantly developing user guidance, design and of course the system itself.

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What we first developed for ourselves soon caught the attention of others who were themselves drowning in a flood of information. “Can we have that too?” Yeah, for sure!

It has now become very easy to structure maps, customise them, add content and publish them online as knowledge maps for readers. Large and small organisations (e.g. United Nations, EU Parliament, corporations), medium-sized companies, consulting agencies and also solopreneurs as well as public administration bodies work with mappings. And pupils create their own knowledge maps in class.

Along the way, we have remained true to ourselves: Always full of curiosity and driven by the will to create more clarity. Because those who understand make better decisions.

The founders

We are Julia Köberlein, Erich Seifert and Bernhard Scholz – the founders of Kontextlab GmbH. In our team we combine content, conception, design and software development. We specialise in conveying complex information. We develop tools and formats that offer users an experience on both a content and design level. Cross-media, multi-perspective, intuitive and interactive.

We developed the KontextMaps knowledge maps and offer support in finding and structuring knowledge. A format and processes that enable immersion in a sea of information and understanding of individual pieces of information.