Two questions are relevant to security in relation to data. Firstly, data protection in the legal sense, i.e. who has, reads, processes, passes on, stores and why which data and when. On the other hand, the security of the data itself. Both components are fulfilled with KontextMaps.

Data protection and hosting

Data protection is very important (to us). It goes without saying, therefore, that data storage and processing at KontextMaps is DSGVO-compliant. We do not pass on any data to third parties, only use other digital tools where necessary and generally work with personal data as sparingly as possible.

Your data is safe

No one but you and those you approve can access your data. They are your mappings and contents. Only you and the users who work on your map or are invited as guests have access. And when you publish the map, you have the choice whether to show it publicly on the internet or exclusively to a group of people chosen by you.

We store your data on servers that create redundant backups several times a day. When working with KontextMaps, your changes in the Canvas Editor are continuously cached. And for content changes, you will be warned if your edit has not yet been saved. And before you publish a map, you can preview it – just like when you make changes.

You control access to the live map: