All that matters.
On one map.

Kontextmaps is the platform with which you structure knowledge visually, manage content and publish the result in interactive knowledge maps.

Overview and depth.

Good decisions require an understanding of the context and the details.
KontextMaps show both.

Create digital knowledge pools with Kontextmaps that combine contexts, overview and detailed knowledge.
For diving in, discovering and understanding.

Structure your topic on the digital KontextMaps whiteboard, adapt the design according to your ideas, distribute all relevant aspects on layers and easily add content (text and multimedia). Then share the result as an interactive knowledge map.

In your live map, visitors can then dive from the overview into the details, visually explore the connections and delve into the content for each aspect. Show everything that is important! With a wow effect! A digital product that is fun and invites you to explore even complex topics.

Overview, contexts and details: everything that is important to make knowledge productive, on just one map.

Communicating knowledge better

  • Bird and frog perspective. KontextMaps show the connections visually. And the details are just a click away.
  • Deep dive with multilayers! Multi-layered issues have more than one level. You can literally experience this in the knowledge maps.
  • You can even convey large amounts of content in a very small space. Entire textbooks fit into one map.
  • Saving time in knowledge transfer. Fewer training documents, fewer seminars – everything clearly laid out on a map.
  • Break down silo thinking: Whether internal or external. Show all aspects of a topic and pick up everyone where their level of knowledge is.
  • Intuitively explore knowledge and playfully discover it as it is: nonlinear and interconnected.
  • Addons that are important for successful knowledge projects: Glossary, table of contents, search, user guidance, tracking, design, multimedia support.
  • Platform independent in all browsers.

Easy to create and manage

  • The KontextMaps editor combines a digital whiteboard with a web publishing system and thus combines the advantages of both worlds.
  • Implement individual design according to your own ideas or CI/CD requirements.
  • Simultaneously create the knowledge map with all team members in the KontextMaps editor.
  • Create templates for objects or whole maps: for good, fast results.
  • Integrated media management fully automatically optimises the conversion of media.
  • Articles, videos, pictures, glossary, list of sources: Add and manage all content quickly and easily on the map.
  • Publishing the KontextMap is easy: ContextMap URL, embedded with embed code or via CNAME.
  • GDPR-compliant data management and playout.
  • Data protection-compliant usage analyses provide insight into the reading behaviour of users.
  • As a SaaS solution, you will receive ongoing technical enhancements and adaptations.

All in One: KontextMaps combine the advantages of digital whiteboards, content management systems and simple, multimedia publishing in just one platform.

Just like with mind maps or whiteboard tools, you structure a topic on a digital drawing surface.

Add content, articles, multimedia pieces to every aspect of your map. Intuitive, quick, simple.

Digital publication included. The KontextMaps tool is also a professional web publishing system.

Multilayered! No other tool supports more than one level. Knowledge is always multidimensional. That is why KontextMaps have multilayers, zoom in and out.

Full multimedia support. Load media files, images, videos, audio into the KontextMaps system. Web-optimised for your readers.

KontextMaps’ own Multimedia Asset Management System optimises multimedia content. Short loading times and improved user experience.

Users read a ready-made map online – directly in the browser. Unlike other mapping tools, KontextMaps are stand-alone publications.

Made for:

Consultants work with structuring tools almost every day. Whether on whiteboards with Post-Its, by means of digital solutions or on flipcharts. One problem remains: Capturing the results and then passing them on professionally.
With KontextMaps, you can easily pass on your results from workshops, analyses, recommendations and processes from the preliminary work and implementation. So that the next steps are clear, the why is clear and the new is accepted.

Just create

Structure the chart together, add content, integrate additional material.

Easy to publish

Pass on the finished map: Either on your intranet, password-protected or publicly.

Legal topics are interconnected. Legal texts, references, current case law, prevailing opinion and best practice - everything has to be considered. The easiest way to do this is with a visual overview. And in it: the details, links to the relevant texts, examples and additional documents, etc.. This makes it much easier to keep track of complex situations and make good decisions.

Just create

Build structure from laws, cross-references, comments and additional material. Inserting content.

Easy to publish

Publish for readers on your own website or intranet. Restricted or public access.

Science communication is a field of its own - of course you want to show your research in as much detail as possible, so much is important after all. But for the general public, some topics are often simply too complex. KontextMaps are the solution for this. Structure your topic according to main areas and sub-areas. Just let the readers dive in as deep as they want. The more precisely someone wants to know, the deeper you invite them to explore. A whole textbook fits into one Kontextmap. Easily.

Just create

Structure a complex topic into its main and secondary aspects. Add content.

Easy to publish

Publish finished map as an online publication exclusively or publicly.

Onboarding new employees eats up resources. The solution: give them a KontextMap with the crucial information. To get started or as a reference book. Thanks to the networked presentation, you show how processes are interrelated and the "newcomers" can dive in playfully to acquire exactly the knowledge they need at the moment. The maps replace seminars and turn barren text deserts into an interactive journey of discovery.

Just create

Build knowledge pools as a map. Identify main points and sub-points.

Easy to publish

Pass it on to new employees. Map invites you to dive in and discover.

Are you at an agency that builds websites for its clients, delivers content and is looking for a new way to communicate complex knowledge in particular? Look no further!
With KontextMaps you can use your content strengths and your design expertise in a new way. Build themed worlds for your customers and use KontextMaps to help your customers better communicate their own knowledge. Talk to us, we'll show you what options are available.

Just create

Build map and create content together with conceptual designers, copywriters, visual designers.

Easy to publish

Manage the account yourself or hand it over to the client – flexible and project-oriented.

KontextMaps' journey began with the online magazine Der Kontext. We ourselves wanted to show complex issues of socio-political current affairs in the best possible way and from multiple perspectives. No sooner said than done. The fact that we ultimately even offer the software to create it was not planned this way. But your luck! You can now also use it to publish your expertise in the form of knowledge maps. Particularly suitable for complex issues where many aspects are important.

Just create

Complex topics, convoluted stories, cross-dependent narratives – build structure in the editor.

Easy to publish

Publish quickly and easily online with multimedia elements.