The platform for interactive knowledge maps

Kontextmaps is the platform with which you structure knowledge visually, manage content and publish the result in interactive knowledge maps.

All in One: KontextMaps combine the advantages of digital whiteboards, content management systems and simple, multimedia publishing in just one platform.

1 — Structure

As with mind-map or whiteboard tools, you structure a topic on a digital drawing canvas. Alone or in a team.

2 — Edit

Design your map and add text and multimedia content to each aspect. Visual, fast, simple.

3 — Publish

Digital publication included: Interactive knowledge map on your own site, public or exclusive.

Function overview

Show how everything is connected. With dots, connections and visualisations on a digital drawing canvas - alone or in a team.

Alone or in a team – visualise all perspectives of a topic.

Draw the structure on a digital whiteboard.

Map templates for quick mappings with your own look & feel

Individual design according to CI/CD requirements.

No-code CMS, without coding knowledge.


Create knowledge maps intuitively and easily.

Object templates, for quick, good results.

Structure topics over up to 12 levels. Let the reader immerse him/herself.

Create and manage content as you would with text editors and web publishing software.

Bird and frog perspectives. KontextMaps show the connections visually. And the details are just a click away.

The knowledge map on your website

One of the great advantages of KontextMaps is that you can publish them as a digital knowledge map. To dive in, discover, understand. Online. Either visible to everyone on the Internet, or exclusively for the group of people you have selected. And publishing is very easy:

KontextMaps URL

The easiest way to publish your KontextMap on the internet. Simply use the KontextMaps URL of the live map. It can be customised so that it also has a descriptive title. Your readers see what the map is about and you don’t have the hassle of managing an additional website.

Embed code

Include the KontextMap on your website with a short code snippet. Either with an iFrame or via div-tag. The iFrame embeds the functional map exactly as you want it on your page. The div tag shows a preview image and a click on it opens the KontextMap over the whole screen. With this variant, SEO optimisation is done via a sitemap.


Using CNAME, the KontextMap is mirrored on your page. Especially for search engines and SEO optimised content, embedding via CNAME is the best choice. The KontextMap itself receives its own page with its own URL to which you link.

All three options can provide public or private mappings.

Frequently asked questions

No. And there is a detailed guide that you can find here.

We can provide support if requested. Have a look at this page here.

We offer a detailed product training via video call on request. Have a look at this page here.

Just start – first draw the main points of your topic and then add sub-points step by step. Make connections where they make sense. You decide yourself in the editorial process to what depth and with which interconnections you would like to cover your topic. Finally, you define layers, design and expand the map with content in the infobubbles. You can find detailed instructions here.

Germany. Read more about this on the Security page.

Yes. The map and the software itself are DSGVO compliant. Have a look here.

This is possible from the team licence onwards. With the single licence you have the possibility to publish your map with a KontextMaps URL.

Yes. We offer an On Premise solution on request. Please use the contact form for this.

Yes, that is possible. Just write to us via the contact form and we will get back to you and we can discuss this.